Sports stay in Les 2 Alpes this summer

    Are you sporty? Do you like challenges? You will spend a dream holiday in Les 2 Alpes!

    Cycling in the mountains is :
    The DH mountain bike

    The principle: you take your mountain bike to the ski lifts and ride down the slopes at full speed!

    Enduro / crosscountry mountain biking

    If you like to ride downhill but you also like to pedal and enjoy the uphill, the landscapes and the mountain trails, enduro or crosscountry is for you!


    Your passion is to discover the most beautiful roads and mythical passes, you will love the mythical challenges that the region offers!

    Trail running, the pleasure of running in the mountains

    Discover the most beautiful trails in the Oisans. Breathtaking landscapes and impressive differences in altitude, one thing is certain: you won't be bored!


    Hike to the highest peaks for the most beautiful views and the most uncrowded open spaces. The trails in and around Les 2 Alpes are ideal playgrounds for hiking, with steep slopes, lakes and streams to challenge you throughout your stay. Day or half-day hikes with big differences in altitude for effort or smaller ones for endurance, choose the hike that suits you. The Oisans and the Ecrins National Park have many surprises in store for you!

    The ideal programme for a sportsman in Les 2 Alpes

    - In the morning, a hike around Les 2 Alpes to discover wonderful views on the resort and the Ecrins National Park!

    - In the afternoon, rendez-vous on the DH mountain bike tracks. We start on the Vallée Blanche and then we go on the mythical Diable slopes

    - The next day after a well deserved rest, we leave for a day hike in the heart of the Ecrins Park. Why not the big loop from the Lac de la Muzelle to the Lac du Lauvitel?