Top unusual summer activities

    New experiences in summer in Les 2 Alpes
    Ski in summer!
    Are you used to lounging on a sandy beach in summer? This summer try skiing in summer! Enjoy the perfect temperatures, the beautiful sunshine and the breathtaking scenery on the glacier. You'll have a unique and unforgettable experience.

    Electric mountain biking in the wilderness

    Discover the most beautiful trails on an electric mountain bike and the summits will seem very close. 3 good reasons to start :
    - Easy activity for everyone
    - Magnificent landscapes all around you
    - The mountains become accessible to the most novice
    White water sports on the Vénéon

    Throw yourself into the water in the torrents of the Vénéon. Risk the big thrill, you won't regret it! Whether you prefer rafting, hot dog or canyoning, you will find the right activity for you.

    Do you know this unusual activity? Take to the track in your own little car!

    Exclusive meeting with the marmots of Les 2 Alpes

    They often hide, to see them stay discreet, they will come out for your greatest pleasure! A real little mountain animal, very cute, which will delight both young and old.