2 Alpes Experiences Winter

Come and enjoy an unforgettable experience in Les 2 Alpes! We have selected for you the experiences that make Les Deux Alpes, our beautiful ski resort in the Alps, so successful. We can help you prepare your holiday and facilitate your search for the perfect stay with family or friends. 2 Alpes Réservation also offers you a range of Deux Alpes skipass deals and offers to make the most of the good times to come in the heart of our mountains: Discover our skipass deals! You have the possibility to book your stay all-inclusive: accommodation, ski lessons, skipass at a special discounted rate, ski equipment rental. 2 Alpes Réservation does everything to facilitate the booking of your stay in its entirety. Thanks to our experience and local expertise, we can help you benefit from the best skipass deals in Les Deux Alpes, including skipasses. The 2 Alpes Reservation team and our many local partners are committed to offering you the means to book the best holiday: the promise of an unforgettable holiday!
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Are you coming to the mountains for a thrilling experience? We offer you a programme for your stay that will fill you with happiness! 
  • Animaux bienvenus
  • Animaux bienvenus
  • Animaux bienvenus
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What could be better than enjoying a spa at home during my holiday?  The benefits of the dry heat of the sauna, or the steam of the hammam just a few steps from my room, that's true rejuvenation!
  • Une ambiance festive unique
  • Une ambiance festive unique
  • Une ambiance festive unique
  • Une ambiance festive unique
  • Une ambiance festive unique
  • Une ambiance festive unique
  • Une ambiance festive unique
  • Une ambiance festive unique
  • Une ambiance festive unique
"The place to be"! Les 2 Alpes, a great place to party as well as ski!
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Trail running in winter, a good occasion to admire the snowy landscape differently.
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Enjoy a family-friendly rental for your holidays with the FAMILY PLUS Label
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Staying in a hotel with the Family Plus label is the guarantee of having all the necessary services to facilitate my family holidays.
  • Le 2 Alpes Freestyle Land
Discover the 2 Alpes Snowpark: a must for all freestylers!
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A moment of rejuvenation to share with your partner. A holiday in the mountains just for us! 
  • Réservez votre cours de yoga 2 Alpes
Book your yoga class in Les 2 Alpes, opt for serenity during your holidays. In a daily life often at 100km per hour, it has never been so important to take the time to recharge our batteries, to reconnect with the essential things that surround us. After the stress of a working week, running from morning to evening to drop the children off at school, not missing the bus or avoiding traffic jams to pick them up in the evening, being hyper-productive at work, not forgetting to do the shopping to fill the fridge, then getting on with homework in the evening... finding time to relax and breathe has become complicated. That's what holidays are for: taking time out, getting together with family and friends. What could be better than a yoga class in the middle of nature with a view of the mountains to help you relax and be in the best mood for your stay? Don't look any further, we have the solution: book your yoga class directly in a few clicks, and enjoy a moment of relaxation during your stay.  Discover without further ado the different disciplines offered by our providers, there is something for everyone. It will be your first time? don't panic, the courses are adapted to all levels from beginner to advanced!
  • belvedere des ecrins
  • ski-nuit
Live unusual winter experiences in Les 2 Alpes
  • Les villages de Venosc et de Mont de Lans
  • Les villages de Venosc et de Mont de Lans
  • Les villages de Venosc et de Mont de Lans
  • Les villages de Venosc et de Mont de Lans