What are the cancellation conditions for situations related to COVID-19?


The measures described here apply only to stays booked on this site,  via Les 2 Alpes Reservation.
1/ What are the cancellation conditions for situations related to COVID-19?
You will be refunded if, for one of the following reasons*, and following a ruling issued by administrative authority, you are unable to come and stay in Les 2 Alpes:
Lockdown in your habitual area of residence or in Les 2 Alpes
Border closure
Travel distance restrictions around your home
Administrative closure of your reserved accommodation
Closure of the ski lifts due to Covid-19 (winter season only)
*In order to qualify for a refund, these measures must apply to the period of your reserved stay. Cancellation can therefore only be requested for this reason when an official announcement is made that lockdown comes into force during the period of your stay. This being the case, we would issue you a refund pro rata to the nights actually spent in the accommodation as confirmed by the accommodation supplier.

   2/ Does the cancellation insurance offered at the time of booking cover certain cases relating to Covid-19?

“Cancellation insurance*”:
 Yes, a refund is possible if the insured person, their spouse or a member of their family or any person habitually living with the insured person was diagnosed with COVID-19 before the scheduled date of departure for the trip. All other instances are excluded from the benefit covered by the insurance (contact, quarantine, pandemic-related cancellation).
See all cases covered by cancellation insurance (illness, accident, interrupted stay etc.) here: https://booking.les2alpes.com/cancellation-insurance.html
*In order to qualify, the cancellation insurance must be taken out on the day of booking. Legislation does not allow insurance to be added after the booking is made. The insurance premium is retained if a stay is cancelled.

   3/ I’d like to change my dates/postpone my stay. Is this possible?

Current legislation does not oblige accommodation suppliers to respond favourably to any request to postpone a stay. All requests must be sent in writing via email
No postponement request will be taken into account for a stay after April 24, 2021.