Hatha yoga class (beginners) Monday, 7pm to 8.15pm

"After several trips to India, where I studied the basics of HATHA YOGA, AYURVEDIC MASSAGES and REIKI, I set up the Souffle de Sagesse association to share my knowledge.
Keen to keep improving, I continue to train regularly with various schools and masters in France and abroad (Yoga for back pain, prenatal and postnatal yoga, therapeutic yoga, Kundalini yoga, Shakti dance yoga, chair yoga, senior yoga, Yin yoga, restorative yoga, etc.).
I'm a graduate of the Védaguru school in India, as well as YOGA ALLIANCE and KRI (Kundalini Research Institute).

YOGA is a cleansing process that helps to purify, connect and unify our mind and body. This union brings harmony, pleasure and inner peace.
The class unfolds gently with asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing) and relaxation, followed by meditation or mantra recitation, depending on the type of yoga. Sessions may be Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga or Yin Yoga, and can be fluid, fast, slow, relaxing or intense, lasting around 1 hour 15 minutes.
Sessions take place in a room, and equipment can be provided unless you prefer to bring your own. Please bring comfortable clothes, a drink and a blanket for relaxation.
PARENTS/CHILDREN YOGA: Discover yoga with your child in a friendly, fun and playful sharing session.
HATHA YOGA: HATHA YOGA is the best-known and most widely practised traditional yoga with postures, breathing and sometimes meditation and chanting of mantras. The asanas (postures) are slowly followed one after the other.
YIN YOGA: Slow, gentle yoga that works on the meridians and deep tissues. You stay in each posture for at least 3 minutes to stretch intensely.

begginers, pregnant women and senior accepted.