2 Alpes Experiences Summer

Do you know the mountains in summer? We guarantee you an exceptional holiday in Les 2 Alpes! Discover new activities and experiences for your summer stay in the mountains: downhill mountain biking, windsurfing, paragliding, white water sports, skiing on the high altitude domain, etc... Les 2 Alpes in summer is a place of activities and events that will plunge you into a crazy atmosphere. Whether you are with friends or family, you will experience memorable moments. Located in the Ecrins National Park, you will be in the heart of an authentic and preserved nature. Take advantage of this exceptional setting to explore the magnificent hiking trails and access the most beautiful viewpoints in the region.
The atmosphere of Les 2 Alpes is unique in the summer, you will create incredible memories with your family or friends. You can choose to rest and relax or soak up the festive atmosphere of the resort after a great day of activities. You won't have a minute to be bored and will only want to come back as soon as possible!
The surrounding area of Les 2 Alpes is also worth exploring, with beautiful little villages to visit in the summer: Venosc, a stone mountain village in the heart of the Venéon valley; Mont de Lans, a village with a spectacular view of the Lac du Chambon.
Our accommodation offers promise you a holiday tailored to your needs: from quiet chalets to flats in the centre of the resort, you will find the perfect accommodation for you.
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Relax !
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Taste the freedom of the mountains on a trail
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What could be better than enjoying a spa at home during my holiday?  The benefits of the dry heat of the sauna, or the steam of the hammam just a few steps from my room, that's true rejuvenation!
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New experiences in summer in Les 2 Alpes
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In famille or between friends, activities for all !
  • Activities for children in summer
  • Activities for children in summer
  • Activities for children in summer
  • Activities for children in summer
  • Activities for children in summer
  • Activities for children in summer
Your children will not have time to be bored!
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Still wondering why you should spend the summer in Les 2 Alpes? Here are the answers:
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A stay in the mountains is also an opportunity to discover a fascinating history
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  • Animaux bienvenus
  • Animaux bienvenus
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Are you sporty? Do you like challenges? You will spend a dream holiday in Les 2 Alpes!
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Staying in a hotel with the Family Plus label is the guarantee of having all the necessary services to facilitate my family holidays.
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Take the time to observe at Les 2 Alpes
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A moment of rejuvenation to share with your partner. A holiday in the mountains just for us! 
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Are you coming to the mountains for a thrilling experience? We offer you a programme for your stay that will fill you with happiness! 
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Whether you have small or large calves, you will find what you are looking for. A change of scenery is guaranteed when hiking!